WordPress 2.2 Release Candidate 1

As Matt mentioned, we decided to delay the 2.2 release from its original date of April 23. We weren’t completely happy with the underlying design of the new tagging feature. Instead of shipping with something we weren’t entirely pleased with, we decided to remove tagging from 2.2. This is a big bummer since tagging was the biggest user-visible feature in 2.2. I think removing it was for the best, however, because the debate over the removal resulted in a new generic taxonomy design that is flexible and powerful and addresses all of the concerns with the old design. Plugins will be able to do some cool things with this new framework.

With the loss of a major feature, 2.2 won’t be as snazzy as we had hoped, but it will contain many bug fixes, lots of polish, and lots of hard work. Download the release candidate and check it out. If you need support for the release candidate, the Testers List is the best place to go.

56 thoughts on “WordPress 2.2 Release Candidate 1

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  2. I don’t know why but for some reason I’m really diggin’ the widgets being integrated without the need for a plugin. I’m upgrading at the moment so I don’t really have anything else to say from a “I’ve played around with 2.2 and have so-and-so to say” but I haven’t been disappointed with a release yet. I’m sure this will met my expectations – and if it doesn’t? There will be a version along shortly to fix whatever 2.2 may be lacking.

    I’m usually a pessimist but when come to WordPress, I try to be the opposite.

  3. I’ve got it running on my sandbox site and all seems to be doing fine.

    I’ll be sure to keep beating on the core widgets implementation rigorously and see if it will break.

  4. Would the tagging feature be more or less like the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin? I think that there should be a tagging option for people to use. I see categories as a table of contents of a book, and tags as the index at the back. Going off that, tags should be what people usually use to search your blog.

    To kind hit on what Matt said, widgets are sweet, but I would highly advise you guys to stay away from making them a must. Why? Without widgets, my blog is xhtml compliant, with widgets (running the same widgets as I hardcoded without) my blog throws something like 40 errors.

  5. Personally, I’m pleased that the tagging feature was pulled. Reason being, I’m already using categories as “tags” on my blog. I’m just afraid that it might cause problems with my setup. Even if it was included, I’m praying that it can be disabled.

    I guess now with the first RC out, I can find out for sure 🙂

  6. I take it RC1 is not something everyday, non-techy users should download, rather they should wait until a final release version appears. Just want to know what to advise Sciencetext readers


  7. Yes Azmeen I could not agree more with you. Ever since I have set 1 cat to 1 post, like you I have being using categories as “tags” too on my blog.

    However I this features doesn’t much affect,cos I’m planning to use it on a different blog of mine that is without any proper tagging function.

    Looks like 2.2 can be a great release after all….can’t wait the final release.

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  9. Can Widgets be switched off?? I use the K2 theme/mod which offers a more sophisticated widgets implemention (SBM), which WP’s default might break (haven’t tested that yet)…

  10. Thank you for the update 🙂 I know most people are fans of widgets, but having tried them out formyself, I have to admit I’m not one of them (for various reasons including xhtml validation) – I do prefer WP without having the extra widgets included, so would very much that option could be turned off.

  11. I’m also using categories as if they were tags. They seem to work well.

    I haven’t been following the WordPress development very well, I was wondering if tags feature in WordPress would allow the following URI


    Would that be possible?

  12. I’ve been running 2.2-almost-beta on a test site of mine for a while now, looking great so far.

    One thing I haven’t been able to do yet is disable the widgets that are included in 2.2 core. Is it possible? I ask simply because I prefer K2 Sidebar Modules as they let me set which pages the modules show up on.

    Any thoughts anybody?

  13. The question of templates and designs still remains open: are we all going to have to find new templates for our weblogs as we did with the last upgrade to 2.1, or will those few which were compatable with 2.1 also be compatable with 2.2?

  14. Does anyone know if there will be a way to convert from UTW to the built-in tagging feature once it’s done. My site is quite reliant on UTW, so I’d hate to break anything when that eventually comes out.

  15. Technabob – I’d like to know that too:D Alot of the hits to my site come from the tags managed by UTW!

  16. Testing [2.2 RC1] on a demo site right now, everything looks ok!

    I am planning to run a fresh new site on [2.2] as soon as the stable version is available for download. Does anyone know when[2.2 stable] will be released?

  17. Tagging will be in 2.3. There will be a UTW converter, although you can keep using UTW instead of the built-in tagging if you like. There will also be a category to tag converter. You can selectively convert categories to tags, or convert all of your categories to tags. Or, you can just keep using categories however you are using them and ignore the new tagging stuff.

    As demonstrated by Schulte, a simple plugin hook can be used to prevent Widgets code from being loaded at all. And if you don’t want Widgets in your theme, don’t put them there. Supporting Widgets or not is up to the theme author.

    The complete changelog in all of its gory detail is here. An overview is available here. The overview isn’t done yet. More detail will be added soon.

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