WordPress T-Shirt Retrospective

Here is a retrospective on the brief history of WordPress t-shirts in all of their wrinkled cotton glory.

The first is a prototype that never went into print. Matt gave me this shirt the first time we met face-to-face back in August of 2005.

August 2005 Prototype

The next shirt is the first WP shirt that we put into circulation. Matt schlepped several big boxes full of these from San Francisco to Austin where we passed them out during SxSW and Austin BarCamp in 2006.

SxSW 2006

During WordCamp 2006 we gave out these fetching gray numbers.

WordCamp 2006

Finally, we have the shirt we recently handed out at a Silicon Valley WordPress meetup.

Spring 2007 Schwag Shirt

That’s it so far, but this July we’ll be adding to the lineup with a WordCamp 2007 shirt.

30 thoughts on “WordPress T-Shirt Retrospective

  1. @Schulte: “Goodstorm only ships to the US”… now you see why the WordPress fans out of US wish to have this shirt so much.

  2. As a European myself I share the same feelings. I have the luck of having a delivery address in the United States so I often order things, have them delivered in the USA and have them billed in the Netherlands. This has worked for Amazon, ThinkGeek and other sites. I recently tried to order the WordPress t-shirt through Goodstorm and have it delivered in the USA and billed in the Netherlands. There was an errror in verifying my credit card details; my payment status is on “Failed – Retry” while the workflow status is on “transaction received.” I e-mailed Goodstorm six days ago what had happened and whether or not my order came through. I haven’t heard from then since.

    What a trouble to go through for a t-shirt.

  3. i want it so bad… the cafepress had such print… but it doesn’t look very original…

    oh boy! we do want it to ship to malaysia! 😉

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