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With 2.2 released, we’ve been busy with 2.3. The last two weeks have seen a barrage of activity. Much of the work has gone into the new taxonomy design. This is almost fully implemented and shaping up nicely. The tagging feature that was pulled from 2.2 is back in 2.3 using this much better design. Also, those who dislike how link and post categories are combined can take heart. They are separated in 2.3.

Housekeeping has been another focus. The files in wp-admin were reorganized to make things easier to find. Code formatting and style is also being cleaned up as we sweep through the files.

Several bundled libraries were updated to the latest versions. TinyMCE is now at, Prototype is at 1.5.1, and is at 1.7.1 beta 2. More updates to and an update for TinyMCE Spellchecker are on the way.

Post and page management received some love from Michael Adams. Managing your draft and private posts and pages is now much easier thanks to some handy filters. This is available on if you want to check it out.

As always, you can watch the timeline to see whats going on with development.

28 thoughts on “In the Trunk

  1. I was thinking about doing a “teaser test” post about my experience with 2.3 so far. As you know from the wp-testers list, I usually go with a weekly or bi-weekly update from the nightly builds. I’m a bit too reticent to go with trunk, especially after all the recent activity, but I’ve installed last night’s nightly and everything’s going swimmingly – even the them that I’m playing with that has 2 loops. Keep up the reporting!

  2. I’m thrilled with the additions, especially Michael’s improvement to the Manage Posts panel. I’ve been begging for that for SO LONG. I’m shocked that it’s finally in.

    I just wish the built-in post preview was back in, with an option to disable it if desired instead of assuming the world all works with dial up speeds. We worked so hard to get that awesome feature added, it’s painful to see it revert back to the dark ages of WordPress.

    But onward and upward, the rest is looking fabulous.

  3. I just want to say that you guys rock, and that I appreciate all the hard work you are doing. Looks like 2.3 is a version to really look forward to!

    Keep up the good work.

  4. The new taxonomy design sounds great. Hopefully the new tagging system won’t slow down WordPress like so many other tagging plugins did in the past.

  5. Thanks for news 🙂 ! I hope that Tags will be at the top in the 2.3, like Simple Tagging plugin (the greatest WP plugin :).

  6. Currently taxonomy is b0rked on my install… Hopefully they’ll be fixed soon.

    Also, didn’t you guys go for jQuery instead of prototype/scriptaculous?

  7. This is sounding more like at 3.0 that a 2.3 (I mean that in a good way). Do you have a long term vision of what a 3.0 might look like that is different from this line?

  8. Good to hear the development for 2.3 is going well.

    Something that comes to mind, though – you are aware that people use WordPress as much as a Content Management System as a blog?

    While it’s obviously going to keep with a blog focus, I’m just a little concerned that over the long-term we may see functionality for WP as a blog format reduce the ability for WP to work as a CMS.

    Simply 2c.

  9. Without question, the tagging feature will be a much needed addition to the core. A robust tagging system will make wp unbelievably brilliant!!!

  10. While I’m glad post and links categories are again separated, I’m still wondering why they were joined in the first place.
    Otherwise, lookin’ forward to it and consequently the merge into MU. 😉

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