Sandbox Design Competition

Last week, Scott announced the Sandbox Designs Competition. I’m looking forward to seeing how this competition turns out. A good-looking style on top of the semantic, microformaty goodness of Sandbox might make for a good theme to bundle with WordPress. And I’m sure the Automattic crew will find some favorites from the competition to include on Consider participating in or sponsoring the competition and help bring some new designs to the WP community while getting some good exposure.

4 thoughts on “Sandbox Design Competition

  1. Excellent, Ryan. Very much appreciated. Managing a comp is a lot of work apparently.

    One of the best points of this competition is how it benefits a huge community: both the and users. So really a lot of exposure for designers, judges, and sponsors. 🙂

    So much potential in the Sandbox for designers. Can’t wait to see the results myself. 🙂

  2. All politics aside I am building my blog around Sandbox.

    Sandbox is simply awesome!

    I am a Home Builder by trade and if my house was a blog..Sandbox would be the only choice for my foundation and framing!
    The rest is just decoration.

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