GNOME goes WordPress

Jeff dropped a note mentioning that GNOME has gone with WordPress µ on I used to contribute bits and pieces to GNOME before being consumed by WordPress full time. I found out about WordPress through some GNOME developers. I took some of the GNOME philosophy with me to WordPress and found that Matt shared much of it. So I’m glad to see GNOME using WP and hope they will be as happy with it as I have been with GNOME.

11 thoughts on “GNOME goes WordPress

  1. It’s a nice news 🙂

    I think many people use gedit to hack e develop WordPress. Now is wordpress used to increase GNOME development!


  2. Good thing that they have started to use WP. One thing that still distracts me somewhat is that they use default template but I think it will change to better layout someday.

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