WordPress 2.3 Beta 1

As announced on the dev blog, WordPress 2.3 Beta 1 is now available. This is the first of several planned betas. Beta 1 has been pretty solid in my testing, but keep in mind that this is indeed a beta that shouldn’t be used on your production blog. If you try it out, make sure you back up your database and prepare yourself to revert to 2.2 if you have problems.

WordPress 2.3 includes built-in tagging support. An Ultimate Tag Warrior importer is bundled with 2.3. Importers for the Simple Tagging Plugin and Jerome’s Keywords are being tested and will most likely be included in the next beta. 2.3 also includes a converter that will selectively convert your categories to tags. The converter has worked well for me, but I received a couple bug reports about it shortly before beta 1 went out. If you try the converter and have any problems, let us know so we can fix it up for beta 2. If you want to use the tagging feature, you will need to change your templates to use the new tagging template functions. There’s not yet much documentation on those, so I’ll discuss them in a future post. If you want to do some digging, you can find the code for the tagging functions here and here. If you already use UTW or one of the other plugins and don’t wish to change, you can keep using them as you have been, although I expect some of them will change to use the built-in tagging as a baseline and add their own stuff over the top. The built-in tagging provides just the basics and leaves the fancy stuff to plugins that can better suit individual tastes.

If you are feeling experimental, try out beta 1 and let us know what you think via comments to this post, the bug tracker, or the testers list.

30 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3 Beta 1

  1. ¿Could I upgrade to wordpress 2.3 and still using categories?. If i convert categories to tags the article’s url like “http://portalvasco.com/blog/?p=537” would be the same after conversion? Google has index me and i cant lost that url format.

  2. Awesome, look forward to testing it out when I find some time.

    “Importers for the Simple Tagging Plugin and Jerome’s Keywords are being tested and will most likely be included in the next beta.” – double awesome 🙂

  3. I am really excited about the tagging system.

    But do you have any idea how the tagging experience is like? Will there be a tag cloud just like the normal plugins like UTW and Simple Tagging?

    Some sneak previews would be great!

  4. Already using it on my personal blog. The “Pending Review ” status came just in time for a group project I’m working on.


  5. There is a bug in WP 2.3 .

    If I use “Permalink”, you can’t read the other pages in “Categorie Page” and “Archive Page”.

  6. Integrated tagging is good. Tag plugin importers are also good. Very good, in fact. What I am hoping for is an easy way for readers to be able to search my site for tags.

  7. If you use permalink in WP 2.3 Beta 1, your archive page and category page cannot be turned. Ryan, Your blog has this problem

  8. I’ve set up a test blog to see how things look, and the few visible changes fit in well. I like that you can filter by draft, but with the addition of tags, i expected to be able to see which tags have been used in my admin screens.

    filtering by a search term using one of your tag words doesnt bring up posts with that tag, and it would be more intuitive if it did. also on the dashboard, where the stats are given, ‘tags’ isnt clickable like the others, it would make sense to have it lead you to a page of tags.

    I realise that probably you will mention the tag word in the post, but to have labels for a post that dont help find it doesnt feel right.

    I know the front end is different, and that works well.

  9. I hope that tagging does not render my restricted/member only categories public 🙁 That woudl force me change platform.

    Other than that, tags sound very useful and I’ll wait keenly to see the results.

  10. Anybody else having the index page not display? I upgraded my 2.2 install and the install went fine. I can access the admin tools, visit individual posts, but I cannot get the root index.php to load…no errors thrown, it just spins/grinds.

  11. When I try to use the category-to-tag converter, I get this error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: register_importer() in /home/lakeneu/public_html/wp-admin/import/wp-cat2tag.php on line 213

    Anyone have any ideas? Is there some file that might have the wrong access settings, or what have you?

  12. Hey Ryan,

    As you probably already know, Mark got it fixed. I downloaded the zip for r5974 at Trac for canonical.php and archive/category pages were back to normal. At least for me anyway.

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