WordPress 2.3 Beta 2

2.3 Beta 2 is now available. We’ve been very active since beta 1. Over 70 commits went into the repository in the past week with many bugs being fixed. New and improved AtomPub was introduced as were tag importers for Jerome’s Keywords and Simple Tagging Plugin.

Thanks to those who joined us for last week’s bug hunt. We’re having another on Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 17:00:00 UTC time in the #wordpress-bugs channel.

14 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3 Beta 2

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Excellent work for sure. I liked what I saw in Beta 1 despite the bugs. The new release (plus a couple of new plugins that won in the competition) is assuredly going to change the way WordPress is looked upon by the less tech savvy of the WordPress bloggers.

    But let me voice a long time frustration with WordPress and that is sketchy information regarding the features and, more importantly, the use thereof of any new major release.

    A minor example is the new 2.3 is supposed to include the basic functions of the Permalink Plugin built into the core yet I found no user options in the new admin that indicated this nor any write ups anywhere that indicated if this function was indeed automated and how it worked.

    A better example is a straightforward explanation of how to duplicate the basic functions of tagging normally associated with the three plugins that the respective tags can now be imported from (UTW, STP and Jerome’s Keywords). One example of this is the “Related posts” function that many currently use these plugins for. How do you accomplish this in 2.3 and more to the point…where can that information be easily found?

    I’m an old beta tester myself and I know how to dig up the info I need so I’m speaking from a non-tech point of view. Is this type of information going to be readily available for new users to find? And if I’m out of line posing this question here, could you tell me where should it be posed where it will do the most good?

    Again, many thanks for your (and the other developers) hard work in bringing out this new release.

  2. I wish you guys would add two things to the blogs… footnotes/endnotes for those of us who use our sites to post research (since with all the updates the plugins may or may not work) and some kind of email validator to maybe prevent spam bots and others from using fake email addresses.

  3. I shall install WordPress 2.3 on my local WordPress, I am interested to find out how the 2 importers for Simple Tagging and Jerome’s Keywords are working. And also how tagging would be like in WordPress 🙂

  4. will it also be able to import tags from Ultimate Tag Warrior??? If so that would be wonderful, if not a BIG mess for users since it’s quite a popular plugin.

    Also even if it does import, what functions regarding tagging does it support?

    Is there a list I would be able to find somehwere?

  5. I have tested the Simple Tagging importer and it worked fine! Took me sometime to find out where I could import the tags though.

    I think there should be a management for tags and also ways to display tags as a list for visitors to navigate through.

  6. Doh, and just after I wrote my own convert for Jerome’s Keywords, based upon a careful reverse-engineer of the tagging/taxononmy schema.

    I’m a long-term WP user, despite my frustration with it as a piece of software. That said: 2.3 is a really good product. Whatever I may think of the schema, the tagging functionality is implemented well, and the XMLRPC api is getting really mature. So to everyone who’s contributed to the 2.3 release – thanks for your input. It’s a really, really great release.

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