Self Importance Test

Matt took Aaron’s self importance test — which likens you to a web celebrity based on a few questions — and came up as Jason Calacanis.  I took the test and came up as Matt.  Go fig.  Matt’s not nearly grumpy enough to be likened to me.  Is there a “You are not a web celebrity you old, grumpy, anti-social shit” option?

4 thoughts on “Self Importance Test

  1. I too the “self important test” here it is……..

    You are most like Darren Rowse!
    You are like Darren Rowse. You are relatively mild mannered, confident in how you operate and choose not to “rock the boat”. Your ego does not flair often. Instead, you choose to assist other bloggers as much as possible. In some cases, you may find it to be your mission in life. You do not participate in a large amount of social networking and if you do, you’re not particularly aggressive about “friending” people. To you, it is a waste of time that could be used for more productive things.

    I sure feel lucky

  2. Well, if it helps, I came out as Jason Calacanis. I took the test after I setup how it would be scored, etc, so I did not actually have any clue who I’d come out as. 🙂

    Weird thing is… I don’t have the money or success of JCal. But I do like to make sure everyone thinks I’m important. 😉

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