Waiting to Activate

I got an iPhone for my wife right after the price drop. Of course, I borrowed it for a little play time. Despite the laundry list of things it is lacking, I rather like it. The browser experience is great, and I am a complete sucker for ballistic scrolling. So, we decided to get one for me too, seeing as how my birthday is approaching. We bought it yesterday and returned home to activate it. Activating my wife’s iPhone was a breeze, but I was not so lucky. It seems I got caught in one of the infamous activation blackouts. iTunes informed me that:

iPhone activations in your area are temporarily unavailable due to routine AT&T maintenance. Please disconnect your iPhone and reconnect it in 40 hours to begin again…

As of now, I’m down to a 17 hour wait.

No activation for you

Oh well. I’m not in a hurry. Hopefully things will go smoothly when I try to activate tomorrow morning.

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