Tagging Plugins for 2.3

The new tagging feature in WordPress 2.3 was kept purposefully simple. We focused on providing infrastructure that cool tagging plugins could use. As noted by Weblog Tools Collection, there are already two tagging plugins that work with 2.3. Advanced Tag Entry and Click Tags are from regular WordPress contributors Jennifer Hodgdon and Andy Staines. Check these out if you want something a little fancier than what is built into 2.3.

Watching to see how plugin authors enhance tagging will be fun. Some of the most popular features added by plugins will likely wind up in 2.4. I like releasing something simple, letting plugin authors innovate and extend, and then pulling the best and most popular stuff into core WP.

15 thoughts on “Tagging Plugins for 2.3

  1. Hi. I am excited about WP and the growth of the platform. I am learning more about programming in PHP and when I know more I will contribute to the WP community more. Thanks for all that is done by everyone involved.

  2. Ryan, you are the man! Thanks for the heads up and kudos to these plugin authors for jumping in and coming up with these needed plugins.

    There’s a third plugin for 2.3 related tagging and that’s the WP 2.3 Related Posts plugin just in case anyone hasn’t gotten word of it yet.

    Thanks again for the heads up!

  3. Hi Ryan

    I’ve got two quick questions: Does this mean that Ultimate Tag Warrior is effectively obselete, and has anyone documented how to import your existing UTW tags to the new tagging system?

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s dying to know!

  4. Hi Gerard!

    I’ve installed WordPress 2.3 and used UTW before, so:

    – yes, UTW is obselete (don’t activate it after installing WordPress 2.3)
    – for importing, just click on Manage / Import / UTW in your Dashboard… really easy and smooth.

  5. Hi Gerard,

    A UTW importer showed up in WP 2.3 beta 1 and if it works like the Simple Tagging importer, it should import and add your tags to the new database and duplicate the tag to post relationship with no problem.

    By what I understand, UTW, the plugin has had it’s last update but I do know that Christine is going to be working on new plugins that duplicate some of the functions of the classic UTW plugin using the new WP tagging structure so never fear. BTW, all the above plugins plus the one I mentioned work fine (for me).

  6. The author of UTW already has a plugin for 2.3 called Tag Thingy on her site. The one piece of the tag puzzle missing in 2.3 was the yahoo suggestion tool. Tag Thingy does just that.

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  8. Somehow, i have no clue why, im not really looing forward to 2.3.. in the past few weeks i’ve even been looking at rebuilding my website with Apple’s iWeb… which didnt work.. but something is off… Maybe it’s just me wanting something new, another platform or something.

  9. hey, so does anyone know how to replicate the UTW function UTW_ShowCurrentTagSet using the native 2.3 tagging? I’ve updated my theme to get everything that UTW used to do for it to be done with the native tagging except for the name of the tag selected on tag archive pages – the above function was the one to do the trick with UTW, but in 2.3 with only the_tags and tag_cloud …?

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