WordPress 2.3.1 Release Candidate 1

We just announced RC1 on the dev blog.  The only change since Beta 1 was a small fix to wp-mail.php to address ticket #5169.  If there are no unpleasant surprises, the final 2.3.1 release should be out in the next day or two.

8 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3.1 Release Candidate 1

  1. I have been trying to get an asnwer to this, but no one seems to know. So, perhaps you have used the new Live Writer tagging feature…

    I upgraded to 2.3.1 RC1 yesterday, and want to test the tagging support for Live Writer. I went into Live Writer and did a refresh of the account settings, but nothing seems to have changed. When I click to insert tags, it lists the same providers as before. I’m unsure which to use or if I need to add a new one manually? Thanks for any help

  2. Hi Ryan, thanks for your work. I can not find any Information about the XSS thingy. Can you lead me the way?

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