Silicon Valley WordPress Meetup on November 8th

The next Silicon Valley WordPress Meetup is on the 8th. It’s once again being held on the Google campus. This time it’s in the evening instead of during lunch, making it easier for those of you who can’t get away from work during the day to attend. I’m trying to get a fresh order of schwag to bring, but it might not arrive in time. The agenda is the usual chit chat and maybe a couple of presentations. I might do a little spiel about what’s happening in 2.4 development.

Update:  I’ll have t-shirts, stickers, and maybe some Moleskines embossed with the WordPress logo.  We’ll have to fight over the Moleskines as there won’t be enough for all.  Perhaps we’ll have a little WP trivia challenge to see who gets them.  Quick, which Jazz musician was the 2.0 release named after?

11 thoughts on “Silicon Valley WordPress Meetup on November 8th

  1. … DAMN!
    Wish I could be there.
    Any chance of you guys (audio and/or video) podcasting this event?

  2. That’s awesome. I’m still a WordPress novice, but that’d be awesome to attend. I work right there in Cupertino. woohoo.

    :: efrain

  3. Doh! I was going to say dukey! I should get a consolation prize.

    Yeah I wish you would all have one in NYC, perhaps on the VMware grounds. My father went up there for a VMware conference today. Free swag!

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