2004 Infiniti G35 Auxiliary Input

As with my Subaru, my wife’s 2004 G35 doesn’t have an auxiliary input for hooking up an mp3 player. After finally getting fed up with not being able to hook up my tunes when in her car, I ordered a PAC AAI-NIS2 and did a little dashboard surgery. Pulling the stereo out of the G35 is more involved than with my Subaru, but these directions guided me through the process without incident. All told it took a couple hours to pull the dash apart, remove the stereo, install the PAC, run the cables where I wanted them, and button everything back up. I also installed a ProClip angled mount along with the padded swivel holder for the iPhone while I was at it. Now the iPhone is securely mounted and piping tunes into the G35’s factory deck via the SAT input. Hopefully I will never have to this again. Auto makers seem to have finally caught on.

3 thoughts on “2004 Infiniti G35 Auxiliary Input

  1. It’s funny how long it took them to catch on though. My car doesn’t have the aux port readily available and I had to go through the same process as you – ripping apart the dash and then reconstructing it. Not fun.

    My friend recently purchased a new car and it was interesting to see that some have adopted the port across their line of cars and some manufacturers are still… well, far behind the times.

  2. hey ryan,

    is there any interference when you use the iphone via the aux input on the g35? i’ve been hesitant to get the jazzy engineering one, because every input solution i’ve tried with the iphone has caused interference.

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