I'm a Daddy, Again

Chase Roark Boren was born on November 30th. 6 lbs 15 ounces and 19.5 inches. Everyone came home from the hospital today. Here’s a pic of Chase and his older brother Ronan taking a nap side-by-side.


30 thoughts on “I'm a Daddy, Again

  1. Such a cutie! Glad he gets your wife’s looks. 😀 Congrats, daddy! Or are you now “daddies” with more than one? In our family, Aunts and Uncles are called such based upon the sex of the child born. We just got a new addition to our family, too, and my hubby and I are Aunts. So what do you call a man with two new babies? Sleepless.

    Congrats! Enjoy every second!

  2. thank you to everyone who responded with their best wishes. we are having a blast … 24 non-stop hours per day, everyday – well you get the idea 😀

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