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After seeing the Perfect Pushup top Amazon sales for the Sports category and get lots of good reviews, I decided to give them a try.  Contrary to the assumption that such “as seen on TV” items are junk, these are actually quite good.   They seem sturdy, have adequate heft to them, and work as described.

The PPUs are all about the rotation.  They allow you to rotate your hands as you move up and down.  This engages more muscles and reduces strain on the wrists. Any regular pushup stand will reduce wrist strain, but the rotation decreases strain further.  I’ve done many, many pushups over the years and have the creaking wrists to show for it, so the added comfort is appreciated.   The shoulder injuries I’ve collected also appreciate the rotation.

Taking the strain off of joints and ligaments means you can concentrate on working muscle, and the PPs are good at that.  You’ll feel the effects of the rotation in your chest and back.  Judging by the extra burn and soreness, they work more muscles and make the pushup more effective.

So, if you saw the commercials and wondered if they were any good, they are.  They don’t suck.  They actually work pretty well.  I can’t attest to durability yet, but they seem like they will hold up.  They’re not all metal construction, but the ABS housing is a heavy gauge that feels solid.  I don’t feel any flex while using them.  They’re worth considering if you’re looking to add a new wrinkle to your workout.

6 thoughts on “Perfect Pushup

  1. PPU is very nice.

    My wrist soreness used to restrict the amount I could do. Since these, I’ve felt the burn of a nice set of a push-ups the next day, didn’t used to get that. I’d recommend them to anyone.

  2. Came to your website today randomly through Photo Matt’s blog, and I read about PPU.

    I have always been concerned about long term stress and damage to my shoulders and wrists. This sounds cool, and has been well received. Thanks for writing about it a little bit and reviewing it. It’s now on my wishlist.

    Do you have some photos yourself of it in use demo-ing how it saves your body that you add to your post?

  3. um, who cares?

    and what a strange coincidence that there’s an ad for “Perfect Pushup” (and a range of other pushup products) in your sidebar. like, wow!

  4. I’ve seen them advertised. The thing that signals my thinking that it’s probably a piece of junk is their line about it being invented by a Navy Seal. Excuse me, but what does a Navy Seal know about physiology? Just because they do a lot of push-ups doesn’t mean that they’re doctors.

    But thanks for the review. I might look into it. Not that I can do a lot of push-ups as it is. My doctor always recommended that I do push-ups; supposedly, it’s this miracle cure against my constantly expanding gut. I don’t think they works very well, but then again, I can barely do 20 at this point.

  5. As always, the continuing journey to a healthier and more “appealing” body… to the eyes of the lookers out there… but mainly for myself, I will be looking into the PPU. Anyone know what they are priced at?

  6. You can get the PPU at Target for $39.99 when you purchase them there, they give you a $10 Target giftcard. Pretty awesome.

    I have something else to say!! Ben the sidebar is done automatically. It’s kinda like an auto search thing. If he had done one on something else, say IPods -it would be on the sidebar as well. Just to let you know…..

    I own the PPU. I can see a difference. I can do more regular pushups vice perfect pushups. I see more definition in my triceps and everything else.

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