2.5 Roadmap

WordPress 2.5 is now in feature freeze. No more new features will be added. Today we enter our beta cycle with full force. Concentration will be on fixing bugs, polishing up the new admin design, and finishing off the new features that are already in. We still have some styling work to do on the new design, but the big changes are already in.

We’ve set March 10th as the release date. This gives us a month of bug fixing. We’ll start off our bug hunt cycle with a hunt on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at 17:00:00 UTC.  If you’re comfortable with testing almost-beta code, stop by #wordpress-bugs and help us polish up the new admin design, test the plugin updater, and fix bugs.  After the bug hunt, we’ll announce the schedule for our weekly beta packages and bug hunts.

60 thoughts on “2.5 Roadmap

  1. Please tell me you’ve nicked the MTOS admin interface through the wonders of the GPL 😛 I love WordPress and use it on various projects, but the admin interface (not least the dashboard spam) isn’t up to the standard set by the rest of it. Roll on 2.5!

  2. Will there be any support for 2.3.x branch after 2.5 release? (I mean – for security issues). Looks like WordPress 2.5 will be a very serious upgrade, and it would be nice to have some transitioning period while we upgrade.

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  4. Sweet – keep up the good work.

    I do have to run with David on this – though the demo site probably isn’t the ideal representation of what the finished admin theme will look like. I love the current admin – though something more like Shuttle would be a perfect upgrade. The demo admin … not so lovely. Though I won’t case my lot until the official release.

    In the end – I’m still excited.

  5. Will exisiting themes be compatible with wordpress 2.5?

    I have a fantastic theme i am currently using in wordpress 2.3, that i have customised to fit my sites overall design.

    Please tell me you wont be doing a phpbb, and changing the way themes integrate with the application in the new version.

    If you could email me or drop an announcement somewhere that would be fantastic

  6. Good work guys, I can’t wait to try out the latest version. I’ve been pretty happy with the development cycle of WordPress so far; lots of stuff is being added in a timely fashion. The integration of tags was good. How about post series next? Categories aren’t always good enough.

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