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wpdevel.wordpress.com is a new Prologue-themed blog that will follow the release of WordPress 2.5 through frequent updates from various WordPress developers. I’ve already posted lots of stuff there on recent bug fixes, API additions, and new features.  As the 2.5 beta cycle heats up, I’m intending to blog as much of the day-to-day development as I can.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Development Updates Blog

  1. What would be awesome is if you also fed these messages into the actual Twitter service via a user we could follow. For those of us who already use Twitter, it would save us having to use the syndication feed. I, for one, have practically given up on trying to follow regular feeds. But that’s really my own fault, because I just can’t seem to trim my feed list down enough to get a decent signal/noise ratio 🙂

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