WordPress 2.5 Release Candidate 1

Release Candidate 1 of WordPress 2.5 is finally here. We’ve already received a lot of feedback. If you have comments regarding the new admin design, shoot an email to 2.5-feedback@wordpress.org. I’m collating feedback and making a list of most frequent suggestions. We’ll use this feedback to guide the final round of UI work.

26 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5 Release Candidate 1

  1. It’s pretty damn good from what I’ve seen Ryan. I upgraded one of my minor sites to the new version tonight and the admin screens look great. I used the plugin upgrade tool as well, and it worked nice and smooth.

    All this out of the box functionality is fantastic. I’m also working with Drupal a lot and WordPress definitely wins out by being so easy to use in comparison.

  2. It looks like the bugs we’re seeing are minor and if everything running isn’t critical, you can switch now.

  3. I have mixed feelings about RC1. To begin with I had to reinstall RC1 due to the fact not everything uploaded correctly. Plus I am now finding that if I copy from MS Word to paste into Word Press I am not retaining some of the formatting from MS Word that was retained when I published using 2.3.3. Finally I am not happy with the white background against the light bluish / green. For me I am finding it is difficult to see. Finally I am disappointed in the layout. I am finding that it difficult to locate for example categories when writing a post. Also there does not seem to be consistancy in layout from one section to another.

    The plus side is there seems to be more information especially being able to see that tags that are assoicated with each posting when you go to Manage>Posting.

    It is my hope that these minor issues will be fixed by the time that 2.5 is ready for release.

  4. I upgraded yesterday and expected to have a lot of problems with my existing design and / or find show-stopping bugs. To my surprise it was rock solid and my upgrade to 2.5 was much less painful than earlier WP upgrades.

    Excellent job on a RC!

  5. Thanks your all your hard work guys.

    I’ve not tried the RC yet but I just wanted to say, the new look for 2.5 looks great – it seems like you’ve made most of the improvements I’ve been hoping for 🙂 I’m looking forward to using it!

  6. Just changed over, seems things are working ok, the things that i dont like though are small. The one main thing that gets on my nerves is “visit site” button, i.e. it opens in a new window/tab, gets on my nerves but apart from that its all good!

    Rock on WordPress!

  7. I`m still testing WP 2.5. It`s great and I also found only minor issues yet.

    Regarding the new integrated Gallery I would love to have a little bit more features for customization and speaking URLs. May be a mix of the existing version and the Photoq Photoblog Plugin could be the perfect way.

    Regarding URLs I additionally would love to see German Umlauts supported by default. Whenever a new WordPress Version comes out I check this first … and after that I ask myself: “Will we have to install the German Umlauts Plugin in all our Blogs forever?” 😉

  8. Does anyone know if WordPress 2.5RC-1 has an upload option for the use of ImageMagick for those who do not have the GD Library installed?

    My host runs PHP4 and PHP5 on the same server so as I use PHP5, I can only use ImageMagick.

    I am a new user to WordPress and for my first installation with WordPress 2.3.3, I had to modify the images.php file to allow the use of ImageMagick instead of the GD Library.

  9. Upgrade went well for me on most test sites. Looks like a few essential plugins aren’t compatible yet – simple tags, embedded video and a few others.

    Also, with the new media center, if you enter the wrong video url and try to save the post, the post vanishes.

  10. 2.5 RC1 is looking real good. No real issues yet. As a designer I find myself once again saying “It’s perfect, I’m changing everything.”

    I’ve posted on the wp forum but wanted to post here as well. As a programmer I REALLY rely on the post, page, and category ID, for custom displays in custom template pages. Can we put the dbase ID’s back on display in the admin section? It saves so much time.

    Thanks for the consideration.

  11. I updated using the beta 2.5, didnt like it so downgraded, now i cant get into my blog. Is this one of the bugs? I hope not…

  12. Anyone using more than one sidebar is going to find the new Sidebar/Widgets page frustrating. You can only work with one sidebar at a time.

    To move widgets from one sidebar to another, first you have to remove the widget from one sidebar, save the page, display the page for the sidebar you want to move to, add the widget and then save the page. It’s a lot of extra work. I feel sorry for those of us using three or more sidebars. 🙁

  13. I’ve now installed the RC2 version of WordPress, and still dont have any problems with it, just that it all works great! (as usual!) 😉 😀

  14. @gestroud What is worse is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to persist widget settings when moving them. This means moving a Text widget is pointless since you have to start over from scratch.


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