WordPress 2.6 Release Candidate 1

WordPress 2.6 Release Candidate 1 is now available. We think this is ready for release on Monday.  Try out RC1 and tell us if you agree.  New since Beta 3:

  • Media uploader and gallery improvements
  • Image caption and image editing fixes
  • Press This fixes
  • Ability to toggle between the flash uploader and a regular browser uploader
  • Notification bubble on the Plugins menu when plugin updates are available

See the full list of changes since Beta 3.

Get RC1.

79 thoughts on “WordPress 2.6 Release Candidate 1

  1. Great stuff!
    I love the changes you guys are doing on what is already the best blogging software in the business.
    Can’t wait for 2.6!

  2. I agree. WP 2.6 is ready for release.

    I’ve worked with all betas on my test install and WP 2.6 RC-1 is running on my live blog now… Works like a charm…

    Kudos to the WP Devs!!!

  3. Am I getting something wrong?

    When I check the trac database for 2.6 I still see 2 blocker tasks and 43 with high priority – hasn’t changed much IMO from Beta3 to RC1 …

  4. I can’t activate any theme,
    I click – and than I see a full screen with the new theme and no link to activate it


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  6. Is there a reason why you add 10px to the initial width? In media.php in wp-includes you can change that to 0, in case this messes up your caption-designs before wp-caption was around…
    It did in my case,… so I wonder why?

    Thanks. Great release!

  7. I just installed 2.6 RC1 …everything seems to work great… except every link on my blog (previous posts, pages, categories, etc.) all link to my most recent post!

  8. Now will 2.6 wreak havoc on existing templates? I have noticed, for example, that with the popular Cutline theme, even a switch from one 2.5.x to another 2.5.x version, some heavy-duty code changes in fundamental files were required, which I was only able to implement because one helpful soul had actually posted a fix to the WP forums (I find that theme creators and those knowledgeable in the coding are not exactly helpful and leave most questions for urgent help in the forums unanswered).

    So before the final 2.6 comes out and is ready for download and installation, I’d like to know whether this will result in hassles and headaches with existing themes or not.

  9. the Flash-based uploader causes a Segmentation Fault in Apache – where’s the Browser based uploader option works just fine.

    Jul 13 21:41:33 web kernel: pid 21299 (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 11

    [Sun Jul 13 21:41:34 2008] [notice] child pid 21299 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

    here’s my config:

    FreeBSD 7.0
    Apache 2.2.9
    php 5.2.6 (mod_php)
    mySQL 5.0.51a

  10. Image caption feature: I think it would be nicer if you separate the alternate text for image and caption. Sometime we don’t need the caption, but just the alternate text only.

  11. Well … I don’t use the WordPress uploading functionality, i don’t use this „Pres This“ thing (whatever it be), i don’t use TinyMCE (for mit it’s no editor, it’s affliction) and i check the plugin page daily if there be updates.

    Are there any useful (for me!) updates in 2.6?

  12. I really hated the Flash uploader for images in 2.5. So I only updated one of my unimportant blogs. It’s good to hear the old uploader is back again. I’ll test it this week.

    Am I able to get from 2.3 to 2.6 directly?

  13. Upgraded to 2.6-RC1, working great so far. One thing I wish to have is a “proper” gallery system, like NextGen or WPG2, integrated into WordPress base software. I know they work great as plugins too, but I kind of consider this as a base feature set. It is sometimes a bit clumpsy when plugins are not compatibility-updated to new versions of WordPress quickly enough.

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  16. halo semuanya, ada komentar dari temen-temen Indonesia tidak? wordpress 2.6, belum saya coba, Mudah-mudahan support buat pasang plugin 2x nya.
    FYI cform2 ngga support di wp.2.51.
    Selamat, ber wp ria 2.6 deh. Ngga sabar mau upgrade nih.

  17. Although this version was not suposed to make great changes in WP, I feel this small improvements will make the WP best-of-all blog system position even stronger. The adoption of Gears is great, even for me, who use Windows Live Writer to post. Now I consider start bolgging from the WP Writer page.

    PS: It’s curious that Blogger, that is a google service, does not uses Gears, and WP uses.

  18. Up and running fine on my test site, worked through beta 1 and 2 but skipped 3, RC 1 came along so fast I was still getting around to installing beta 3 when it arrived

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  20. Is auto upgrade of WordPress part of 2.6? I find it difficult and a little dangerous to upgrade versions and if it can somehow be done as easily as upgrading plugins (e.g. “there is a new version of this plugin, click here to automatically upgrade to the latest..”) that would be very helpful..

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