WordPress for iPhone

I’m writing this on the WordPress app for the iPhone, which is now available. Now if only the iPhone had cut-and-paste. 🙂

13 thoughts on “WordPress for iPhone

  1. I wonder why the stepfatherly treatment towards other phones! Many of them are capable of running apps and accessing the Internet (and have good capable screens as well)

    Symbian S60 comes to mind (and obviously I have a Nokia, S60 based phone)

  2. S60’s screen size and interface doesn’t really lend itself to a usable blogging app. I tried all the available ones on my N95.

    Furthermore, it’s harder to develop for S60 (imo) and there are lots of different S60 devices out there, with varying screen sizes and keyboard setups.

    On the iPhone, you’ve got a single form factor, a consistent screen, which is big enough to fit enough on to be usable, and fairly rapid development if you’re up to speed with the tools. Oh, and a large rabid foundation of users.

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  4. Why?

    I can access the admin area just fine on my iPod already, and when I do so I have access to all the admin functions. I can set up users, write posts edit posts (a function that’s conspicuously absent from the app), edit pages that have already been created (I’m told that’s not possible on the app), use plugins like the All-In-One SEO plugin, etc.

    What’s the purpose of this app?

  5. I’ve written some apps for customers that let them check on the status of their web servers and other things with their Symbian-powered phones. Making a quick app that’ll let people post and check on WordPress shouldn’t be too difficult.

    Perhaps I’ll make that my next side project 🙂

  6. “I wonder why the stepfatherly treatment towards other phones…. Symbian S60 comes to mind.”

    The answer to that question can be readily summed up in my immediate response upon reading your comment:

    “S60? Never heard of it.”

    And no, that’s not sarcasm. Whatever the sales figures for Symbian phones, they’re apparently not high _enough_ to inspire coders to say “I’ll do a WordPress program for that”.

    If you’re a coder, feel free. 😉

  7. I installed it this morning. I agree, it is great but cut and paste would REALLY help. Also, some simple HTML action buttons like URL, em and strong too.

  8. Awesome! I agree with J. Phil… simple html buttons like & etc. would be great. Hopefully, development of this app hasn’t stopped – this app is awesome and has wide potential! Thanks man!

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