Watchmen #1

The release of the trailer for the upcoming Watchmen movie prompted me to dig through my old comic books.  Look at what I found:

Watchmen #1

That’s issue number one of Watchmen. I bought that back in 1986 when I was thirteen. Almost twenty-three years later, Dr. Manhattan is finally coming to the big screen.

4 thoughts on “Watchmen #1

  1. I also am looking forward to seeing Dr. Manhattan, and Rorschach second. It looks like it’ll be an amazing movie to say the least. The music on the trailer is perfect as well. Can’t wait…

  2. hey man, I just started moving today…(for the umteenth time) and i found two copies of that. snached em out of the box before it went into storage…23 years…does that mean we’re old???

  3. Hey. I’m looking to give the whole set of the watchmen series, first edition, mint to a dear friend. Not that you’d sell it, but it’s hard to find all 12.
    Even if they haven’t been sold on Craigs, I found 2-12. Any suggestions on where to find mint copies?



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