iPhone 2.0.1 with WP App 1.1

I’m trying out the iPhone 2.0.1 firmware along with WP App 1.1. Both were released today. 2.0.1 seems to fix the keyboard lag that was coaxing expletives out of me. WP 1.1 is solid so far. We’ve been working on extending the WP XML-RPC API to allow the iPhone App (and other XML-RPC clients) to do some cool new stuff.

10 thoughts on “iPhone 2.0.1 with WP App 1.1

  1. Unfortunately that silly Contacts app lag is still there. Really strange, because the Contacts tab on the Phone app has no delay. You’d think that the Contacts app would have less pushups to do before you’d be able to scroll, but it isn’t the case. Hoping that 2.0.1 is going to cure the random freezes and crashes that have been going on!

  2. As for me, best way to publish by iphone is by email. WP 2.5 had issues with image attachments, hopefully not anymore. Blogging on iphone should not be detailed, it should be fast and easy. We can work out the details on a pc at the end of the day, anyway.

  3. Unfortunately the WordPress app doesn’t behave ok with our strange 3 Scandinavian letters: ÆØÅ. Ditto with the Facebook app. Urgh.

    Apart from that: Lovely!

  4. Is anyone working on a WP app for the blackberry? I’d love to more effectively make posts from my blackberry.


  5. Will the official support be a killer of “WpTouch” thing?~
    Just curious 🙂
    I love the iPhoneWordPress App

  6. I would like to see some nominal management of comments

    approve, disapprove, spam, delete

    It would be probably too monumental to do editing especially since one can log in with safari anyways to do most of this.

  7. In my case, I had it working on version 1.0, now, on this version, when I try to configure my wordpress blog, the application simply crashes.

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