2.7 Beta 1

We’ve been working our asses off and finally have a beta to share.  Download, test, and enjoy the pretty visuals.  The word most people use when first seeing it is “sexy”.   This is a great design, and I’m very pleased with how it has turned out.  When the visuals are complete and the new icons are in, 2.7 will be a very good looking release.

Try this exercise.  Load up the Write Post page in 2.6 and in 2.7.   Compare the location of the title field between the two.  Notice the vertical distance.  That’s one of my favorite 2.7 features.

30 thoughts on “2.7 Beta 1

  1. Oh, nice. I know what I’ll be playing with tomorrow after I get home from work! 😀

    Thanks for all the hard work. I’m sure you and the WordPress team gave up a bit of sleep and weekend time to get this Beta ready.

  2. Oh, I wanna try. I’ve seen some screenshots before of the new interface and i’m must say, I’m really excited about it.

    BTW is this a goodbye to admin drop down menu by OZH?

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  4. wow i love it
    but in 5mins i can see no. of bugs…
    1. classic color scheme looks absurd
    2. upload form text is over lapping when i upload 5-10 items
    3. i can make new post without title

    more to come 😀

    but its a nice version 😀

  5. I can’t wait for the full release…….I am downloading right now and I am going to play with it…god I love having my own domain to play with my toys…

    But what is 2.7 is going to do with themes and plugins? Will it take years for them to work with each other?

  6. I have upgraded to the new beta and have found a bug in the “Insert Media” plug-in but cannot find where to submit the information. Could you point me in the right direction?

  7. Yay finally! I’ve been installing the nightly build on my other blog but will install this beta on my main blog as I can’t wait no further for 2.7 lol

    Keep up the good work guys and I certainly don’t regret of migrating from Blogger to WordPress!

  8. Great update. The redesign is a huge thing. I like it so far, but I am still playing around with it. I liked Lucida Grande better as a font for the menu, but maybe that’s just me 😛

  9. Fantastic. As a long-time WP user, I’d like to say a huge thank you to you and others who devote so much time and energy to the project. 2.7 takes WP to a whole new level.

  10. I wouldn’t describe the new UI as sexy myself (because then I would have to find a new word to describe the interfaces of some other publishing systems), but I like most of the new features *a lot*.

    I posted an illustrated tour of some of the most useful new features, based on 2.7 beta 1: http://op111.net/p63

  11. Hi Ryan,

    I tried installing it on my local install xampp, and the installation goes successful but when i click on the blog, nothing shows up, and I could not login to the site as well.
    is there any known issues?

  12. “First draft of contextual help tab” or screen_meta

    Currently not customizable for plugins (ok it is a draft)

    I would appreciate to be able to put anything that i want (text, or links) and to get rid of the codex links (not mandatory for plugin screens).

    keep on the good work !

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