Hear that 2.7 a Comin'

As announced on the wordpress.com blog, 2.7 is coming to wordpress.com tomorrow.  Actually, 2.7 has been running on wordpress.com for awhile, just not the exciting new admin UI.  Here’s a peek at what the admin will look like on wordpress.com.

WordPress.com 2.7 Preview

The final release of 2.7 won’t be here until next week. There is still a lot of coordination and management type stuff to do before we’re ready to release.

49 thoughts on “Hear that 2.7 a Comin'

  1. Looking very nice. I hope they release this for download soon. I’m itching to download the new release for all my blogs.

  2. Ah… i thought it would be out in less than 24 hrs from now after reading lorelle’s post. Anyways.. I am sure the wait is worth and look forward for the release of 2.7.

  3. Ryan,

    So yet another week to wait? You know, I was going to bake you, Jane Wells and Matt Mullenweg chocolate chip cookies as a thank you. Now I won’t. They were good cookies, I just ate them.

  4. Awesome work, as always! I’ve been using WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 til RC1 on my blog and loving it so far 😀

    Wish we can get that graph on our own self-hosted WordPress Blog though. That’d be cool!

  5. @ Michael Aulia,

    Actually that graph is available now, if you updated your wp-blogstats plugin. It appeared after the recent plugin update.

    @ Ryan and wordpress team!
    Thanks for making blogging an enjoyment for all of us. Been testing since pre beta – beta 2 – 3 and now rc1.

    I see you guys coming a long way and keep up the hard and amazing work!

  6. I’ve been using the Betas and the RC1 and I’m very pleased. It’ll take a while, again, to get used to the new features and appearance, but overall I’m pleased.

    The core update helps me a lot as I manage many blogs, for me and some of my clients, and it saves me precious time.

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  8. Hi, I have been using the RC1 upgrade as well, and I really prefer it to the old system. Cant wait for the final release.

    I was just wondering, I have been looking for the blogstats plugin you mentioned above, can you tell me where I can find it please?

    Thank you.

  9. So self-hosted WordPress blogs will get 2.7 by next week? Looking forward to it.

    Thanks Ryan and to all the people behind the WordPress dev team! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  10. I can certainly wait.

    I’m happy to wait for bug fixes (take your time guys, why the rush?) and a good looking UI. With so many iterations on admin UI redesign, how come that the WP folks still manage to make it look cheap & cluttered.
    Round corners? That’s so 2002 – I can only hope for decent UI’s provided on a plugin basis.

    Good luck WP.


  11. “Actually that graph is available now, if you updated your wp-blogstats plugin. It appeared after the recent plugin update.”

    I thought it’s only for those whose blogs are hosted at wordpress.com

  12. WoW! This is slick! I upgraded from 2.6.5 to 2.7 RC1 and it’s very nice indeed. I was a bit nervous but not a single hiccup or glitch anywhere. I’m using WP Theme Generator for my theme and it is 100% compatible. I hope the WP Theme Generator gets added to the list of compatible themes. You guys did an excellent job on this project and this beta. It is ready for prime time right now. Thanks for all the hard work.

  13. Can’t wait, the new WordPress 2.7 improvements look awesome! I’ve been playing with the Beta and RC1, and I’m excited to start using the final release when it’s ready.

  14. The new admin panel looks great on these screenshots. Much better than 2.6x. Will try it out soon on my live site. (After a few days without any Problems coming up amongst early adopters).

  15. Pretty picture at top of your post. Unfortunately, it donna look like dat on any Ubuntu Linux that I use.

    Only when using various browsers on an XP box is the alignment correct.

    I primarily use the Linux boxes and it is a real hassle to edit a post or comment because the dashboard is misaligned. (Tag editing or the left column appears first, and I must scroll down to find the textbox.)

    There are other nusiances (e.g., little tiny # sign to go where a comment exists) with the new design, but this one makes WP a PIB to use.

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