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Finally, at last, it’s here.  And now, on to 2.8.  There were several areas that we didn’t have time to re-design for 2.7.  2.8 will focus on making the media and widgets UI as good as the rest of WP.  There will be a few new features as well.  Theme browsing and one-click theme install is a likely one.  After a short rest to recover from 2.7, we’ll start brainstorming new features and put the results on the 2.8 codex page.

We’ll likely do the usual .1 release in a month to address any bugs that slipped through the 2.7 beta testing cycle.

A lot of people contributed to 2.7, but I’d like to give a few thank yous in particular.

Jane for the UX, the wire frames, and for all of the help with managing this release.  Matt for the great visual design.  DD32 for the upgrade and install work, file system abstraction, and all of the bug fixing.  Jacob for the HTTP API and all of that phpdoc.  Aaron for quick edit. Austin for the many bug fixes and for getting the flash uploader working with Flash 10. Mike for the dashboard. Peter, Mark, and Andrew for being kick ass lead devs who put in a lot of thought, love,  and hours.  And Matt for bringing all of these great people together.

46 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7

  1. Much better! I’m very new to WP (just a week!). A backup tool would be great. It took me close to 1.5 hours to back up my old stuff with a PlugIn and Filezilla. 🙁

  2. Don’t like 2.7 one bit!!!

    To me that’s just another Ajaxified, interactivity-diseased, 2.0-ish, badly designed gimmick. And I’m not even talking about all the plugins that don’t work with it any more… …

    Sorry guys.

  3. Great work guys! The upgrade was easy and all my plugins worked. I forgot to turn them all off before upgrading. I logged in and everything was just as I left it, except a much nicer and more user-friendly interface.

  4. Frankly, I hate word 2.7. The interface used to be organized. Now it is hard to find anything. It is all scrambled up. It sucks. I’m sorry.

  5. I like the new interface a lot, but the flash uploader — working just fine in 2.6.5 with Flash Player — no longer works in my blog. What a pain.

  6. I have found that wordpress has been getting progressively worse with each new revision recently, so i will be sticking with what i got for now.

  7. Yup, 2.7 is a beautiful thing and only one dissenter in the comments section so far. And considering the content of that comment, it isn’t much of one.

    And great news on working on the media and widgets UI for 2.8, especially the widgets UI. I’m really hoping to see the return of the “unused” widgets repository so we can store our customized text widgets until for when we need them again.

    And I can’t believe I’m saying this…threaded comments on the Admin’s Comment page for 2.8? Man! you WP folks are spoiling the heck out of me. 😀

  8. Thanks for all of your efforts. The admin screen looks and feels a lot more smooth than previous versions. I like how it works and I have only found a minor issue with displaying the gravitar from the comments twice on the dashboard. Other than that, GREAT WORK!!!! I am looking forward to future versions.

  9. Unfortunately, 2.7 is still BROKEN!

    – Preview function still doesn’t work unless you publish your post to the public … which defeats the purpose of viewing your entry before anyone else gets to see those glaring mistakes.

    – If you’re signed into your account, you still can’t edit your posts while being directly at your blog site.

    – Lots of fancy crap added though! Too bad WP 2.2 made it easier to blog.

  10. Cool. Can’t wait to learn it and use it! And, as always, I’ll look forward to the *next* version. 🙂

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  11. WP2.7 is the best I have ever seen of used. It is powerful, used friendly, and very clean. Thank you for this monumental upgrade. I cannot picture this getting much better. It is just an awesome tool to use!

  12. Awesome work. All that usability testing has paid off big time. Yet another reason that WP is the best blogging platform out there.

    Can’t believe it’s free…

  13. gerard wrote:

    “Frankly, I hate word 2.7. The interface used to be organized. Now it is hard to find anything. It is all scrambled up. It sucks. I’m sorry.”

    Never mind. I have to take back my previous comment and apologize. My WP 2.7 admin panel navigation issues were related to an incompatible plugin. I deactivated the plugin, then I saw that 2.7 admin panel as it was designed to appear. At that point, it was quickly apparent that is actually easier to navigate in the admin section 2.7 than in previous versions. You’ve definitely devoted countless hours to upgrading the version, taking a big risk, but I can now see that it is an improvement. I have to say, kudos to all of you.

    One suggestion: You’re probably doing this already, but I’d suggest that wp developers visit those hacker forums (eg Turkish hacker forums) and see what they’re up to when it comes to devising new ways to hack wordpress sites and deface them. Many of mine were hacked until I made a number of modifications in the installations. That is, wp sites were not secure enough to stop hackers, unless some radical alterations were made.

  14. Nice design – did find switching between the dashboard modules a bit sluggish (more pull from the server for data) – seems the dashboard is a bit more bloated with the stylish finish to it. But over all – nice job. Looking forward to using the built-in upgrade feature. If you could explain more in detail how this function will operate, that would be appreciated.

  15. it took me awhile to finally figure out how to upgrade, smoothly….

    but the interface is great!!!–i can’t believe you guys actually found a way to make it MORE user friendly than it already was….

    You guys rock! Can’t wait for 2.8!

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