WordPress 2.7.1 Beta 1

2.7.1, the first 2.7 maintenance release, is almost ready.  So far, 66 tickets are fixed in 2.7.1.  There are another 50 tickets open against the 2.7.1 milestone, but most of those will be moved to 2.7.2 or 2.8.  If there are tickets in that list you would really like to see fixed in 2.7.1, drop a comment.

To automatically upgrade from 2.7 to 2.7.1 Beta 1, change the version in your wp-includes/version.php file from 2.7 to 2.7.1-beta and then visit Tools->Upgrade.  Otherwise, download the beta package and install manually.

38 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7.1 Beta 1

  1. Regarding all of the closed tickets: Great work!

    Most (all?) of the high priority tickets would be appreciated. Also, personally, I would really like 8543 fixed (but the ticket its possibly a duplicate of is sceduled for 2.8).

  2. no já bych klidně moderoval je mi 17 ale moderoval bych až od 21:00 – 23 chodim na dramaťák a sestřenka pracuje v rádiu a já od ní už něco okoukal

  3. Wew… i don’t now if wordpress release 2.7.1 beta. I just upgraded to 2.7 few days ago. And now new version will be release 😉

  4. #7520, especially, bugs the hell out of me. I’d be THRILLED if I could set default options for images explicitly, I use the same settings 95% of the time and they aren’t the defaults WP uses.

  5. wow! used a lot of open source before but nothing like wp. i am using it as a cms and i am fully satisfied. will wait for the stable release. great!

  6. GJ!

    Updates are very fast thou. I just updated from 2.6.0… I think I will stick with 2.7.2 until 2.9 or 2.10 releases, a few plugins always get bugged after update

  7. The 2.7.1 is coming very slowly, I have been expecting it earlier. However, I am very pleased with 2.7, it works great and I love the automatic upgrade.

  8. I dont have privileges to submit new tickets so hopefully this will get out some how. When clicking the Dashboard link in the admin console it returns a blank page: {url}/wp-admin/admin.php?page=index.php. When clearing the extended link and leave as {url}/wp-admin it loads page correctly. This has been noted from original production 2.7 release in a Local test environment and production hosted environment. Problem still persists and I dont see a currently logged ticket for this issue.

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