WordPress Bits

2.7.1 is out, improving upon a solid 2.7 release.

The next version of the iPhone app is almost out and features comment moderation.

2.8 is well underway.  So far there have been lots of script loading and DB performance improvements.  The first cut of the theme installer is in, and the redesign of the Widgets admin UI is beginning.  Custom tag taxonomies now have some built-in admin UI,  and proper timezone and DST support is available if you are running PHP 5.

18 thoughts on “WordPress Bits

  1. Hey Ryan, I read about the search engine improvement on wordpress.org plugins section, that’s really good, but, can I suggest something?, What about adding a search form to every plugin page?, that’s because when I’m on a plugin page I can’t search for other plugin on that page (I must go back to plugins home page).


  2. For the jazz musician name for the next release, please give consideration to a great jazz musician and jazz educator, who is still living: Dave Bruebeck. Too often we honor greatness only after the person has died.

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