Diego’s Autism ACTION Day

Diego and Sara are friends of ours. Those moments when worlds bridge are profound and overwhelming. Here’s to more of them.

Love, Recovery, Dragons

Yesterday was World Autism Awareness Day which is great in theory and blue lights are nice, but my son is still autistic and I have nothing to show for yesterday.  Hello today!  Today is Diego’s Autism ACTION Day!  Today I invite you to join our journey and, if you can, make a donation toward our home-based, parent-led, child-centered autism treatment plan.  It is called the Son-Rise Program that I run with Diego, age 7, at home and we have already seen substantial improvements in his behavior.  The program is all about joining Diego in his interests in a distraction free playroom so he can experience the joy of social interaction.  In joining his world I am slowly able to invite him into mine.  This is not behavior modification or teaching him social rules on paper – it is genuine bonding with someone who doesn’t understand social cues.  We have spent…

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