Bead Therapy

Some of the vegan jewelry I make for myself as a way to relax. Nothing special, but I like it. It’s mainly an excuse to indulge my fascinations with stone and wood.

5 thoughts on “Bead Therapy

    1. I haven’t sold anything yet. I’m new to this and worry that my crimps and knots will fail spectacularly. 🙂 Once I have a little more practice and confidence, I might set up something on Etsy in hopes of making my bead habit more sustainable. But first, I want to make sure I can give people something that will endure.

  1. I think your work looks fantastic and would easily be of the quality to start selling. Nothing like the honest feedback and suggestions from customers to help you improve aspects of your work, right?

    In saying that, I have been working on some wood carving that I would hesitate to sell for exactly your reasons, Ryan. 🙂 Sad that I don’t take my own advice!

    Enjoying your photos immensely.

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