What’s in My Pocket

3 thoughts on “What’s in My Pocket

  1. Ah, you went with the wire cutter/stripper Leatherman Squirt. I opted for the old classic Micra, with scissors instead, but specifically because I do have a larger one (no-name brand), with pliers, in the car at all times. I figured the Micra with pliers would not be that useful, but I use the scissors on mine daily. A Squirt like yours might get handy when I start hacking hardware (Arduino, etc), next Winter. 🙂


    1. I also have a Micra and a Style CS as well as various SAKs that all end up in the rotation. The Style CS gets carried quite a lot since I too like having scissors be the featured tool on these keychain multi-tools. The Style is my go to fingernail maintenance tool. I like to keep them short because tearing out a hangnail while in the shop sucks.


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