Retro51 Tornado Vintage Surf #294

Retrot51 Tornado Vintage Surf Writing Sample
Leading with dark and stormy makes it all right.

Here’s the bit of whimsy I wrote when I first picked up this pen:

This is the Retro51 Tornado Vintage Surf #294. It glides so well, my letters are doing a loose tango. I need to bring it down before these newborn letters learn life too quickly.

This pen is emotional to use. The hand relays its enthusiasm for this pas de deux with a labrador worthy frisk of your nerves. The ink irresistibly compels the page to let it come in for a stay over. The fit and finish begs careful, deliberate attention. The balance lies down in your gravity with a contented sigh. The weight settles against you with a satisfied smirk. The knurling is toe curling. The style is tight and outtasight.


In words more serious, this is a great pen. Preferring extra fine tips with less glide, this pen lingers at the edge of too much glide for me, but I like it. The liquid ink in the stock cartridge is eager to be on its way, so make sure you always retract when not actually writing or you will get into a naughty smudge. Treat it like a fountain pen. If you get this pen, you will have a nice time.

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