Vegan Sub with Dried Cannabis Flower Crumble

When you’re at the Colorado border with more weed than you can smoke before crossing the state line, make a sandwich. It’s not really psychoactive uncooked, but it’s tasty and full of plant goodness.


9 thoughts on “Vegan Sub with Dried Cannabis Flower Crumble

  1. Ryan your eating shake. The bottom of the bag Cannabis (shake), Well it might not be shake for you. Did you you Grind it, then top the salad? or am I misunderstanding something? Interesting!

  2. Ryan your actually talking! I don’t see a lot of comments at your place. I want hang with you! I tell you if I had money and an invitation I would come hang with you. You cool with 50 year old black woman that has mega supernatural abilities? I eat and sleep the way you do no complaining. I need a breaK. Getting complaints I’m neglecting my other blogs. Burn-out I guess. Your as close as I’ll get to the Himalayas and of the grid. Love you for responding to my comment.

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