Dwn Lotion Potion

Hello Internet. I brought cat pics. This is, drumroll please, … Dwn Lotion Potion. Yay for letting the kids name the cat. I like the way it sounds. Let’s play with it.

Dwn, D+own, Doan, Doane, Dwnlopo, Doanlopo, Lopo, DLopo, DLP, DLoP, Potion

(btw, Dwn rhymes with moan, groan, bone and stone.)

Like a typical cat, you don’t dwn Dwn. Dwn dwns you.

Dwn came to us in a state of frosty chill relaxation and abides there still. I hope to achieve great depths of mellow by totally copping his style.

He’s got lotion on the bottom and potion on top. Soft-furred slippery magic.

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