Verizon’s first transparency report sheds no light on NSA data collection

These FISA gag orders force you to tell lies and live lies. Nobody wants one.


Verizon(s vz) promised back in December it would give the public a glimpse behind the curtain on its dealings with government information requests and, as promised, it published its first transparency report on Wednesday. The report details the number of subpoenas, wiretap requests and warrants Verizon received last year, but anyone hoping to get insight into Verizon’s cooperation with NSA will be sorely disappointed.

As Verizon has stated, it’s prohibited from revealing any information about Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) orders, which are at the heart of a international controversy over the NSA collecting subscriber metadata indiscriminately from phone companies.

Verizon transparency report

The closest Verizon got was to reveal that it had received between 1,000 and 1,999 national security letters (NSLs) from the FBI. NSLs are requests for specific subscriber data pertaining to an ongoing terrorism or national security investigation, and they don’t need the signature of a judge. But they’re not…

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