Confession #6: No, You Don’t Know What It Is.

Taking Sense Away

One of the most common things a TSA screener hears from passengers on a day-to-day basis is: “Oh! I know what it is!” This is usually said in regard to an alarm on the walk-thru metal detector, an anomaly on the full body scanner, or, most often, a call for a bag check. But I’ll let you on a little secret:

No, you probably don’t know what it is. Half the time we don’t even “know” what “it” is.

This is TSA we’re talking about, people. Most everything is inconsistent, senseless, chaotic and rationality-deficient, so any one thing that happens on a checkpoint at any given time usually has absolutely no connection to anything resembling a deeply satisfying explanation. Oh, the “officers” may appear all official and industrious in their faux police officer uniforms and impersonator badges, but really, behind it all, it’s just a big, dumb jumble.

Here’s how…

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