Navigating Autism Acceptance Month

April is a tough month for #ActuallyAutistic people. We do not support Autism Speaks or the Light It Up Blue campaign. Many autistics consider Autism Speaks to be a eugenicist hate group that talks over autistic people, spreads harmful “awareness”, funds research that abuses and kills us, and diverts resources. April is a month of disinformation, and Autism Speaks is responsible for much of it.

This video explains what’s wrong with Autism Speaks.

I gathered articles from actually autistic folks sharing their views on Autism Speaks in this collection of links.

Autistic people are not puzzle pieces. Instead of the puzzle piece propagated by Autism Speaks, use the neurodiversity rainbow infinity symbol.

Autism Acceptance (or Appreciation) Month is preferred over Autism Awareness Month. acceptance > awareness

Instead of supporting Autism Speaks, support The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) and Autism Women’s Network.

Instead of promoting Autism Speaks, Light It Up Blue, and puzzle pieces, promote these.







I’ll be updating this Twitter moment with autistic voices over the course of Autism Acceptance Month.

We have enough “awareness”. The time is now for acceptance and inclusion.

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