Letter to My Representatives on Harassers and Abusers

The Democratic Party is finally cleaning house of harassers and abusers. There are surely more, but this is a start. The time for the GOP to do the same is now. Withdraw support of Roy Moore. Not only did he abuse minors, he impugned the integrity of those he abused by saying he didn’t know any of them. The receipts have been shown, and his lies are apparent.

Request the resignation of Rep. Farenthold. Using public money to hush harassment and then blackballing the person he harassed crosses ethical bright lines.

These are not hard calls to make. Neither of these men have ethical or moral credibility. Their world views are perverse and their sins manifest. Patriarchal authoritarianism of the sort they endorse and live goes hand in hand with the devaluation and abuse of women and children.

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