Autism Acceptance Month in Your School

I’m autistic and a parent of autistic kids. April is a tough month for us and other #ActuallyAutistic people. Stereotypes, myths, and inspiration porn are everywhere. Before Lighting It Up Blue, sharing puzzle pieces, or promoting Autism Speaks at your school, read up on the myths and misinformation autistic people must confront every April.

Navigating Autism Acceptance Month and Autism Myths

Follow that up with information about autism from autistic people themselves.

I’m Autistic. Here’s what I’d like you to know.

Identity First is the language of self-advocacy, neurodiversity, and the social model of disability. It is the language of almost every autistic and disabled person I know. Bring IFL into our schools.

We can’t design for inclusivity, for real life, without the social model for minds and bodies.

More on autism, neurodiversity, the social model of disability, and education:

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