My April Blogging

Another month of diversity, equity, and inclusion blogging from my lanes of neurodiversity, disability, and toxic Christianity, with some music in the mix:

In the works for coming months:

  • Taking Control of the Mask: Unmasking as a Spoiled Identity
  • The Autism Industry and Race Science: Stealing the Credibility of Science to Rationalize and Exploit Prior Bigotries
  • Many thrive on frugal fare, Who would perish of excess: Intense World, Perceptual Capacity, and Solo Polyamory in Promises Like Pie-Crust
  • The Complex Sensory Experiences of Our Neurodivergent Family and the Interconnected Modalities of Stimminess and Sensory Hell
  • This Chronic Bodymind: Separate, Isolate, Bolster, and Squeeze with Pregnancy Pillows and Body Pillows
  • This Chronic Bodymind: Articulate All the Things
  • Platform Capitalism and Predatory Inclusion
  • Accommodations and Emotional Bids in Neurodiverse Relationships
  • My Two Blogs: Managing Publication Anxiety With Digital Caves, Campfires, and Watering Holes
  • Constantly Ruminating Engine of Regret: Social Anxiety, Rejection Sensitivity, and Flashbacks
  • Samefooding the Apocalypse
  • Crip Wisdom in the Age of Coronavirus

2 thoughts on “My April Blogging

  1. Whoa, your blogging schedule is pretty awesome, Ryan. And here I am struggling just to maintain a once-a-month schedule. Wishing you a great May to come!

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