Timbuk2 Blogger Bag

While looking around my favorite toy store, REI, I spotted the Timbuk2 Blogger Bag. I recalled hearing good things about it at Gizmodo and Laughing Squid. Although I usually go for backpacks since they're better suited to the long walks I often go on, I've been considering trying a vertical brief for those short trips to the coffee shop with the laptop. So I gave the Blogger Bag a lookover and decided to bring it home. The Blogger bag has a very simple layout. The single main compartment has a corduroy covered laptop sleeve toward the back leaving room for a power supply, a book or two, and other oddments in the rest of the compartment. A zippered exterior compartment houses an organizer. The exterior compartment has plenty of room for a camera, phone, wirleless mouse, and other small items. On the exterior compartment are a couple of little slip pockets, one of which is zippered. A large flap folds over the whole thing in true messenger style. The shoulder strap is well-padded, and Timbuk2's usual sturdy construction is in evidence. I loaded the bag up with my Vaio and its power supply, hardcover novel, point-and-shoot camera, headphones, handheld GPS, small first-aid kit (I always have one handy), and a pen and small notebook. The Timbuk2 held it all handily and poised itself nicely on my shoulder. I like the way vertical briefs look and ride. Laptop access is quick and convenient. One thing lacking is a water bottle pocket. This can be remedied with a bottle leash or bottle bag attached to the shoulder strap D-rings, but having one built-in would be nice. That said, whenever I'm walking far enough to want to have water at hand, I use a backpack rather than a shoulder bag. Backpacks are more comfortable and easier on the back. Messengers and briefs, however, are usually more easily accessible than packs, making them great laptop bags for those cafe runs.

The Blogger Bag is well made, nicely styled in Timbuk2's signature three panel design, comfortable, and suited to task. Definitely worth a look.