A Civil Liberties Reading List

Some civil liberties and privacy books from the past decade-ish that I liked.


Follow-up on the Walk Away from the TSA

Back in February, my walk away from an airport security line led to a little cross country donation drive that brought in over a thousand dollars.  I’m happy to say I was able to match those funds and donate US$2,200.00 to the ACLU. I chose the ACLU because they have actually sued the TSA. I hope they keep doing so. Thank you, all of you. It was an awesome thing to experience.

ACLU Donation

Testimony on Texas HB 594 (Protection for Medical Cannabis Patients and Doctors)

On the first of May, testimony was heard for HB 594. The part relevant to HB 594 starts at 1:51:12. Unfortunately, the Texas House posts video in real audio metadata format, requiring the Real Player. I had to start up a Windows VM and download RealPlayer for the first time in over five years to view it. If you take the trouble to get past this annoying hurdle, you will hear heartfelt testimony from 24 people, including 11 patients.

Previously on HB 594 on HB 184.