Dell Customer Service

You're probably expecting a horror story given Dell's typically bad press, but I have a story with a happy ending. My D810 had problems powering up as of late. Sometimes it just refused to turn back on after being shutdown. After walking through the troubleshooting guides on Dell's support site, I sent them a support request describing the problem and the various remedies I had attempted. An hour later they replied saying that they needed to replace the motherboard and would arrange to have DHL come to my house to retrieve the laptop. The next day, DHL arrived to pack up the laptop and spirit it away. Four business days later my laptop is back in my hands and running nicely. I received email and phone notifications every step of the way as the laptop traveled from DHL to Dell, to the Dell technician, back to DHL, and finally to me. Props to Dell for fixing the problem promptly and without hassle.