The Ghost Brigades and Other Recent Reads

I recently finished John Scalzi’s The Ghost Brigades. Ghost Brigades is his usual can’t-put-it-down goodness. I’ll forego an attempt at a capsule review and simply recommend that you get it, read it, and enjoy.

I also enjoyed Jonathan Carroll’s latest, Glass Soup. You have to have a taste for Carroll’s quirky style and fanciful plots. I do and enjoy all of his books.

Already Dead is the first of Charlie Huston’s novels that I have read. I’m going to investigate his other titles after reading this. Already Dead combines some of my favorite fiction genres: hard-boiled crime noir, urban fantasy, and vampires.

I recently updated my Recent Reads list to use those nifty Amazon Product Preview links. I like rolling over the links during my nostalgic trips through my past reads and seeing the book covers pop up. I also like it when Amazon gives me money. 🙂

SciFi and Soul Food

I’m back home in Texas for the holidays and am enjoying some of my favorite comfort foods. Bone-in ribeyes, BBQ brisket, biscuits and gravy, cabrito al horno, carnitas in mole sauce, fried okra, corn bread, pecan pie, iced tea, and on and on. When not eating, I’m kicking back with some SciFi novels. I’m almost done with Elizabeth Moon’s Familias Regnant Series. The first three books are collected in Heris Serrano and make for a nice read.

WordPress is not being neglected during my trip home. I’m knocking off bugs each day and getting things ready for 2.0. I think it’s looking pretty good.

Happy holidays.