Cross Country Freedom Therapy

While watching people process through security at Miami airport, the civil libertarian in me became very sad. I often feel this way when witnessing and experiencing the TSA and our interactions with them, but this time the sadness made me walk away. I walked away from my flight. I put my normal life on hold because I couldn’t give up a piece of my soul and my dignity one more time. I went straight to the Miami Seaquarium to clear my head. There I witnessed a turtle whose injuries robbed him of freedom of movement.

Injured Sea Turtle
Injured Sea Turtle

I cried right into his salty habitat. The natural right of freedom of movement is so precious. I never wanted to fly again. Humanity has long dreamed of flying, and now this is what we have. Expedience is not worth corroding your soul.

Instead, I am choosing to use my own two legs, my friends across the country, and the relative freedom of our roads and highways to make my way home. It won’t be fast, but I’ll get there. And I’ll see and taste and experience some things along the way. Several people have already offered places to stay and donated money for travel costs. Thank you so much and be assured that any extra money will be passed on to civil liberties organizations trying to claw back our freedom of movement. I intend to at least double my usual contributions this year.

I’m hoping this will be a grand little adventure and a testament to what Internet communities can do to aid people who need a little freedom therapy with offers of rides, lodging, advice, and simply good tidings.

Open roads and kind fires,