N 37° 9' 30.96" W 121° 46' 54.36"

These photos were taken while standing at N 37° 9′ 30.96″ W 121° 46′ 54.36″. This is along the Bald Peak Trail in Calero County Park at about 1600 feet. Hiking to this point from the Calero trailhead takes you through 1000 feet of elevation change. This is a nice little uphill trek that provides a lovely view of Santa Clara Valley to the North and the Santa Cruz Mountains to the South and West once you get to the top.

img_1216.jpg Facing North

img_1217.jpg Facing Northeast

img_1218.jpg Facing East

img_1219.jpg Facing Southeast

img_1220.jpg Facing South

img_1221.jpg Facing Southwest

img_1222.jpg Facing West

img_1223.jpg Facing Northwest

SoCal Pics

The nice thing about working for a virtual company is that I can do my job wherever I can find a broadband connection. So, if I want to take off for Southern California and do some sightseeing I can still get work done while at the hotel. I took my new Canon SD630 along and snapped lots of pictures of Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Joshua Tree National Park, Palms to Pines Highway, and San Diego Wild Animal Park. Yes, I did get some work done while out touring. Honest.

I’m really liking the SD630, by the way. It’s a nice little point-and-shoot with a big LCD screen on the back. It doesn’t have an optical viewfinder, but I rarely use viewfinders on point-and-shoots anyway. I picked up a fast 1 GB SDIO card that allows fairly rapid shooting thanks to the higher write speed.