Letter to My Representatives on the NRA, Gun Violence, and Mental Health

We are much more likely to be the victims of a violent crime than the perpetrators.

Source: ASAN Statement on Gun Violence Prevention Following Parkland Mass Shooting | Autistic Self Advocacy Network

The NRA is a deeply racist and ableist organization. They want us peaking through the blinds at each other instead of watching the republic. They and their paid collaborators (you) shift the narrative from what we know is the problem (too many guns) to mental health.

Demonizing autistic & mentally ill folks in the wake of shootings demonstrates a lack (or refusal) of systems thinking. This just feeds the guns, fear, & resentment feedback loops. It scapegoats the powerless instead of confronting structural problems.

The notion that autistic people lack empathy is a myth, a pernicious and dangerous myth uncritically and thoughtlessly encouraged by the President of the United States of America. It is not autistic people who lack empathy. “Empathy is not an autistic problem, it’s a human problem, it’s a deficit in imagination.” No group in America demonstrates less cognitive, emotional, and compassionate empathy than those who support President Trump. There’s no greater a deficit in imagination to be found in America than in the ranks of Trumpism. Autistic people are not the population to be wary of.

Autism and mental illness aren’t the danger. Gun proliferation stoked by a racist organization is the danger. White supremacy and its narratives of entitlement and resentment are the danger. Toxic masculinity is the danger. Pluralism-rejecting Christo-fascism is the danger. Structural sexism, racism, ableism, & childism are the danger. Trumpism is a religion founded on patriarchy and white supremacy. That is the danger. That is the illness.

You erode equal protection for disabled & neurodivergent people when you make us the targets instead of the real threats. Seemingly, the GOP will do anything to excuse white violence and propagate guns, including criminalize, incarcerate, and abuse disabled and neurodivergent people.

You incite violence against us and threaten our freedom. Stop.

We’re Sick

We’re sick of rapists and liars and traitors and kleptocrats and warmongers and white supremacists. We’re sick of whataboutism, deflection, false equivalence, projection, and defensive fetishes. We’re sick of bigots and abusers with their fear-based socialization and patriarchal authoritarianism. We’re sick of President Trump, who is all these things. We’re sick of the party of the Southern Strategy, which promotes, endorses, and defends all these things.

The Republican Party is a malevolent sickness attacking the civic fabric. The antibodies of pluralism and unstoppable demographic change will consume it.

Props for the inspiration and words:

Letter to My Representatives on Harassers and Abusers

The Democratic Party is finally cleaning house of harassers and abusers. There are surely more, but this is a start. The time for the GOP to do the same is now. Withdraw support of Roy Moore. Not only did he abuse minors, he impugned the integrity of those he abused by saying he didn’t know any of them. The receipts have been shown, and his lies are apparent.

Request the resignation of Rep. Farenthold. Using public money to hush harassment and then blackballing the person he harassed crosses ethical bright lines.

These are not hard calls to make. Neither of these men have ethical or moral credibility. Their world views are perverse and their sins manifest. Patriarchal authoritarianism of the sort they endorse and live goes hand in hand with the devaluation and abuse of women and children.