The Ghost Brigades and Other Recent Reads

I recently finished John Scalzi’s The Ghost Brigades. Ghost Brigades is his usual can’t-put-it-down goodness. I’ll forego an attempt at a capsule review and simply recommend that you get it, read it, and enjoy.

I also enjoyed Jonathan Carroll’s latest, Glass Soup. You have to have a taste for Carroll’s quirky style and fanciful plots. I do and enjoy all of his books.

Already Dead is the first of Charlie Huston’s novels that I have read. I’m going to investigate his other titles after reading this. Already Dead combines some of my favorite fiction genres: hard-boiled crime noir, urban fantasy, and vampires.

I recently updated my Recent Reads list to use those nifty Amazon Product Preview links. I like rolling over the links during my nostalgic trips through my past reads and seeing the book covers pop up. I also like it when Amazon gives me money. 🙂