SciFi and Soul Food

I’m back home in Texas for the holidays and am enjoying some of my favorite comfort foods. Bone-in ribeyes, BBQ brisket, biscuits and gravy, cabrito al horno, carnitas in mole sauce, fried okra, corn bread, pecan pie, iced tea, and on and on. When not eating, I’m kicking back with some SciFi novels. I’m almost done with Elizabeth Moon’s Familias Regnant Series. The first three books are collected in Heris Serrano and make for a nice read.

WordPress is not being neglected during my trip home. I’m knocking off bugs each day and getting things ready for 2.0. I think it’s looking pretty good.

Happy holidays.

New Stereo

When rebuilding your life, one of the first priorities is the stereo, of course. I’m in a small apartment now rather than a big house, so I decided to build a budget system around a pair of Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 bookshelf speakers. I found good prices on a Denon AVR-1906 A/V Receiver and a Denon DVD-1720 DVD/CD player so I picked those up after reading a few reviews and deciding “Good Enough”. I added in the Music Hall turntable, Musical Fidelity phono preamp, Creek headphone amp, and Marantz monoblock amps I salvaged from my last system and now have an operational stereo system. The CBM-170s are impressive little budget bookshelf speakers. I’m currently exercising them with James Carter’s Chasin’ the Gypsy. Sounds great.