Rebuilding with Care: The Infrastructure of Equity

Rebuilding with Care: The Infrastructure of Equity

Rebuilding Care with Equity at the Center

Source: Constructing a New Social Compact: Full Schedule | Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor | Georgetown University

I love the plenary titles from the recently concluded virtual gathering “Constructing a New Social Compact”. I wish I could have attended the event. Regardless, I’m adding these titles to my framing toolkit.

I have been reading the infrastructure bill and find so much of it good and important. The construction of care work as infrastructure is one of the most creative social policy moves the democrats have made in a long time, in my humble estimation. It is the kind of thing that, if it happens, could actually work.

Source: Why Our Money is Funny – essaying

I agree. I’ve picked up and amplified this framing of care, combining it with interdependence.

And I’ve been on the equity literacy train for awhile.

Framing a rebuilt care as “The Infrastructure of Equity” appeals to me. I like it.

I recently added these lines on care to my “Just Sayin’” collection of DEI quotes.

I’m considering a couple more:

  • Rebuild care with equity at the center.
  • Care is the infrastructure of equity.

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New Atheism: Stealing the Credibility of Science to Rationalize Prior Bigotries

Mainly what happened is that the credibility of science was stolen to bolster rationalizing prior bigotries.

Source: The train wreck that was the New Atheism

Wow. What an apt summation for so much of the rationalist movement.

they instead learned that bastardized evolutionary theories could be weaponized to justify all kinds of abuses

Yep. The near absolute ignorance of neurodiversity and disability studies from folks preoccupied with neuroscience and evolutionary psychology particularly galled me.

now a group of people who may initially have rejected the pious stupidity of the Republicans found themselves being told that we ought to support Republican militarism.

I remember those times. The whole article offers a good survey of why I parted ways with New Atheism and rationalist communities.

From my perspective, though, the deepest of the rifts was the emerging anti-feminist wing and the active neglect of social justice issues.

I realized it’s destination was where it is now: a shambles of alt-right memes and dishonest hucksters mangling science to promote racism, sexism, and bloody regressive politics.

Source: The train wreck that was the New Atheism