The Slimmy

I always carry my wallet in a front pocket. Carrying front is more comfortable and more secure. When I saw the Slimmy making the rounds on the gadget and gear blogs awhile back, I though I’d give it a try. I received my new Slimmy a week ago, and it is great. Minimal, functional, and stylish. It securely holds the essentials and slips easily in and out of even the tightest front pockets. What’s more, Koyono, the company offering the Slimmy, has a WordPress powered blog. Bonus points.

It's Totally Automattic

Word is out that Toni is joining us at Automattic. We’ve got a good team at Automattic, and we’re working on some cool and fun stuff. WordPress is our big focus, of course. The vast majority of my time is spent working directly on the open source blog tool we all know and love. For the past several weeks, that involved fixing bugs and getting 2.0 out the door. Currently, I’m fixing bugs in preparation for 2.0.1. I also help out with, Akismet, and other projects, but my focus right now is on WordPress itself. So, I get paid to work full time on WP. Pretty cool.